Upgrade Data Integrity Control (UDIC)

Oracle EBS R12 has brought great advantages to its users. But many  who have upgraded from 11i, have encountered bugs and inaccuracies. Rway UDIC generates a complete post-upgrade check up reportsaving time and money.


The new version of Oracle EBS R12, included many upgrades such as sub ledger accounting, EBTax, Third Party Open Balances engines and other features, which were not available in prior versions.

Due to these changes, Oracle EBS users found themselves in a dilemma: upgrade or buy the new version. Buying the new version meant spending a considerable amount of money, and possibly losing track of previous data.

On the other hand, due to the changes in scripts and table forms, the upgrade option often created bugs affecting the data integrity and thus the accounting process itself. When such bugs appear, The R12 reports might generate incorrect results, and the R12 transactions created after the upgrade would then be inaccurate.


Gain accuracy while saving money

Rway UDIC was developed to ensure a successful upgrade by identifying incorrect transactions in advance. The UDIC checks the data integrity issues, and provides a list of incorrect procedures and outcomes, should there be.

Purchasing the R12 upgrade and Rway UDIC, reduces the costs, in comparison to buying the R12 version, and enables the users to continue using their existing database.

Check your data integrity with Rway UDIC

The Rway UDIC increases the reliability of the accounting products, and is recommended for companies that chose to upgrade to Oracle EBS R12, regardless of time passed from the upgrade’s date.
Checking the data integrity can be performed in a test environment, enabling the company to send Oracle Service Requests the description of the bugs and have them fixed before real time use of R12 for the accounting data.