Comparing client @The Jewish agency for Israel: ”“We have compared the query results with Rway apps products and found that their products lessen the running time significantly and their data is more detailed and complete. “


Jacob, IT manager @ Rafa: “The Rway Apps products are easy to implement. In an about half an hour of installation, the system is good to go, and requires minimal processing resources from the server. It is an easy, functional and smart solution.”


Moran, External Audit @ Total Finance: “Rway Apps products comply with ITGC SOX requirements, thus making the external audit work much easier. The products reduce the chances of mistakes, frauds and irregularities significantly, and require minimal audit time and checks to verify the data.”


Accountant: “With Rway Apps products, we have reduced the time spent on discrepancies in more than half and improved our KPI.
Now, we can close the accounting process in a day, and dedicate the rest of time to improve the quality of our analysis and reports for the senior leaders. “